Daily writing Challenge #4

Challenge: It’s Winter, and you have just moved to North Dakota. Write a postcard that makes Californians jealous.

So as a person who lives in California, I do have to say I love it. Weather can be here or there and most of the time their is something to do. I can go on saying ” WOW! Are beaches are great” and blah blah…. But I live in Fresno which is a small little city that is set in Central California where its hot and in a bowl of smog. So I can’t breath a 100% of the time. So with that being said I would most likely target those who can’t breath that well, like me. And those who hate the heat.


Dear Californians,

I’m writing you on the back of this post card in here North Dakota or we like to call it ND. ND may not have it’s nice beaches but for certain has it’s nice wealth and breathable air. ┬áThe ND lifestyle maybe a rugged lifestyle but all the better for women or men who are looking for that rugged person in there life. But of course if your looking for someone with little bit of artist style in there life, ND has that too. Nothing plain about our art museums. They are a must see. So come on down to ND where we our landscape is achingly gorgeous.