Working on New Project (Calling all Local Chiropractors)!

Local chiropractors in California is my project hint! Alright so I drop off the world with this blog and there is good reason for it. I swear!

Okay maybe there isn’t…. I honestly was just focus on developing new sites and new blogs that I had too much on my plate. But currently I partnered up with a new buddy of my to work on a new project.

Kinda passion for both him and I, but its a new site that we are striving to bring to the masses. It’s heavily built on an api that scrapes reviews and gives you an overall percentage of either negative or positive reviews. And base off the highest percentage we recommend the site.

So what does this have to do with chiropractors located in local California?

What this crazy project?

Well we’ve built a site called “Chiropractorsfindr” where we use this api to help people locate the best Chiropractor in their area.

Our current efforts are too go through all California and find the best local chiropractors around base off review percentage.

Kinda crazy right?

The issue with this tho is that everyone’s experience is going to be different. So not only are we getting the percentage of good chiropractors reviews but we are reviewing them by hand to ensure there not trolls or mistaken bad reviews (which happens more often than you think).

As well each chiropractor practice can change business names at any given time, so we are trying to find a work around were we can keep it up to date on a monthly bases without the heavy cost of a server.

So why did we pick Chiropractors local in California? 

We’ll my buddy and I have strong family connection to this niche. Not only that we both live in In big cities in California surrounded by Chiropractors who are ready to fix that lower back pain you might have.

Overall our project is really still in beta and slowing rolling out the code for it. But currently you can head on over to the blog section and read some post my buddy made.

Apparently he made what he likes to call “The Ultimate Guide On Chiropractic Exercises“.

What is Chiropractic Exercises?

Well its apparently something we all should be doing to keep our bodies in motion.

Anyways might try the writing challenge again, I currently have soooo many unpublished articles waiting to be seen. No idea when I’ll get to it. Anyways love you all.

Hope you have great day! :D


Daily writing Challenge #5

Challenge: Imagine you are on Yelp. Write a review of the restaurant everyone is talking about. In the fourth paragraph, admit you’ve never eaten at the restaurant, but argue why misinformed opinion is still more important than the other reviews on the site.


Now I usually don’t ever write reviews for anything… Maybe I should get into the habit of doing reviews just to see where it gets me. But why would I review almost 4 paragraphs to a restaurant that I’ve never been?? Who the hell does such a thing. I mean I would write a review but maybe like 2 or 3 sentence long if it was good or not. But jeez 4 paragraphs and I never been to the freaking place!


Hello Yelp Readers,

Long time reviewer, first time writer on Yelp……

Paragraph 4:

But the truth is, I’ve never been to this establishment nor do I have the plans to ever go since I live a few hours away. But I can tell you that the food has to magnificent. I mean the rating tells it all 4.8/5.0 those are high numbers out of 300 reviews. As well I’m a food expert myself. I cook and grow my own vegetates. Of course you might be asking yourself “Now why the hell should we listen to you? Just cause you cook and grow your own vegetates doesn’t make you a food expert?”. But see that’s where your wrong. As an at-home cooker, I know how to read people when they talk about cooking, especially my own. See I have had a lot friends come back and give the place raving reviews. Plus, the expression on their face is undeniable so it must be the truth. They 100% love the food. So why you should you eat here? Well if 300+ love it, they must be doing something right.

Postcard Jealousy

Daily writing Challenge #4

Challenge: It’s Winter, and you have just moved to North Dakota. Write a postcard that makes Californians jealous.

So as a person who lives in California, I do have to say I love it. Weather can be here or there and most of the time their is something to do. I can go on saying ” WOW! Are beaches are great” and blah blah…. But I live in Fresno which is a small little city that is set in Central California where its hot and in a bowl of smog. So I can’t breath a 100% of the time. So with that being said I would most likely target those who can’t breath that well, like me. And those who hate the heat.


Dear Californians,

I’m writing you on the back of this post card in here North Dakota or we like to call it ND. ND may not have it’s nice beaches but for certain has it’s nice wealth and breathable air.  The ND lifestyle maybe a rugged lifestyle but all the better for women or men who are looking for that rugged person in there life. But of course if your looking for someone with little bit of artist style in there life, ND has that too. Nothing plain about our art museums. They are a must see. So come on down to ND where we our landscape is achingly gorgeous.

Thank you note

Daily writing Challenge #3

Challenge: Write a thank-you note for a weekend visit where everything went wrong.

Where everything went wrong huh? I guess if I was to put myself in this scenario it would be about visiting family and having action plan that didn’t fall through.


Dear Family,

Thank you for having me over for the holidays. Although it was a rough one this year I still had fun. I kept the little things close to me and didn’t let the bad things get to me, and again sorry for burning the turkey. I watch the YouTube video step by step but I guess I also should paid more attention to the turkey instead of watching the video step by step. And I hope uncle Bob’s hair isn’t all burnt off. I told him he was to close to the fire when he was throwing wood into it. But no he didn’t want to listen. Sometimes stubborn old people need to sometimes listen to us young people. As well I’m sorry that Grandma Lisa drove off with the car when she was drunk, I know you told me to watch her but I figured an 50 year old lady would know better than go out driving when drunk. Thankfully she didn’t get to far and just ran over the trash cans. So even know a lot of stuff didn’t go as plan, I still had a lot of fun. I loved visiting everyone and catching up and holding my baby brother. Can’t wait to see everyone next holiday. Love you, stay safe.



Even though my letter wasn’t the longest I would imagine I would come up with something like that. I like to find the good things that happen and focus on those. I’m not laser focus on the bad and disregard the good.

So What would your letter look like?

Craiglist Ad

Daily writing Challenge #2

Challenge: Your Partner writes a Craigslist ad to get rid of an item of yours that they totally hate. What does it say?

So the funny thing about this challenge is that  I do have a storage full of stuff my girlfriend hates that I have. She considers me as one of those “Hoarders”. Although I don’t believe I am. I just like keeping stuff that I have memories attach to them. And NO! Its not like I’m keeping a plastic cups from Disneyland trips accumulating over time just sitting in a box. It’s stuff I know I would use again or will be helpful in future. But I do admit that I don’t like having a storage unit. Seems like a waste of money just store stuff you can keep in your house, so if my girlfriend had a chance to write the Craigslist ad I would bet it would be brutally.

Craigslist Ad:

So today we have a bunch of crap my boyfriend doesn’t want to give up, but it’s a must. I’ m practically giveaway this stuff because he doesn’t need it. So please from the bottom of your heart come check out this crap and take it away from the dirty depths of our storage unit that accumulates spiders and cobwebs over time. Everything must go by today! Come check it out.


Comics, Vintage Furniture, TV’s, Car Parts, Blankets. MUST ALL GO!

Time: 8:00 am – Until its gone


123 Fake Street

Fresno, Ca 93720



Please take it away!

Yea by the time I would know it, she would just giveaway and not tell me. But you these are the reason we love our partners sometimes.

So what would your partner craigslist ad look like?

Yesterday’s horoscope

Daily writing Challenge #1

Challenge: Write Yesterday’s horoscope.

So I often don’t look at my horoscope anymore. Which is funny, cause growing up my mother was obsessed with her horoscope and all was astrology. She would have stacks and stacks of these books to check her’s each day.  And I often check mine with her just cause mostly I liked the look of the book or the pictures that were inside it. They were always these playful colors and drawing of animals inside it, I mean what 6 year old wouldn’t want to look at it?

So to get to the challenge my Horoscope is ” Cancer” the sun sign. Now Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. Those born under the sign are known to be ‘roots’ kinds of people, and are also known to take great pleasure in the comforts of home and family. Which is pretty true to me, I would enjoy staying at home watching a movie and eating popcorn any day over going out and getting drunk off my ass.  So at the time I was typing this my horoscope for the day was

Step things up a bit — you can afford a little extravagance today. You may not actually have to spend any extra, thanks to the strange energy that has been loosed upon the world.

So let’s see if we can replicate something similar.

[You can read more about Cancer here]:

My Horoscope:

Listen to yourself today — Today is the day the universe speaks to you and opens doors you thought were close before. Don’t over think it, just jump at your impulse once you have the opportunity to do it.

Now I not like super impress in my Chinese fortune cookie writing skills, but if I read that I would more than likely be open minded for the day about things and take opportunity I most likely wouldn’t.

So what would you come up with if you had to write yesterdays horoscope?


Hello world!

“Hello world!” The first thing that every WordPress makes for you to start that creative spark. As well reminds you that this maybe your blog, but the world gets to view it. Your friends, Family, maybe Co-workers get to see into your mind. Get to see the side of you that they don’t normally see.

In one of the books I’m currently reading about for this creative project it talks about how it may be tempting to keep your daily project a secret, but it tells you that you should try to build an audience to help you through your journey. Now I know sharing something you made and being judge upon it can be very scary, but it can also be very exciting at the same time and even motivating to keep you going. The book goes into even more depth by breaking it down into 4 categories for you and why you should share your work and build audience. (Later on I plan to get into greater detail about the book) One being “Inspiration” the more followers you have the more suggestions you may get. And with that comes more ideas and motivation to keep on going which is something I need help with.

So lets ask the first question. “Iggy, why are you taking on such a daunting task of a daily creative project?”

– Well to recap from my about, I want to break the habit of not being creative. I found myself way to many times just stop a project because I find myself at a creative block. I think if I push myself into such a daunting task that I learn more about myself and push my creative barrier further away then where its at now. I mean I freaking I use to draw all the time back in high school and now I maybe draw like once in awhile ( and by that I mean like… once a month).

Alright let’s give myself a tougher questions. “Iggy, what do expect to see from this project?And whats the meaning of life? “
- So as I ponder on what I expect from this project I remember one thing. I shouldn’t expect anything. Why? Because if I expect something great to come out and my expectations fail, than I’ll become less motivated than anything to maybe continue.  Meaning of life. Coffee.